JJO Construction was founded in 1993 by owner Joseph J. Orel.  After more than 20 years of expierence in the construction industry Joe founded his new organization under the principle that consistantly delivering a quality product will establish long-term relationships with clients and drive the continued success of the company.  Fifteen years later JJO still thrives on this philosophy. 

JJO strives to develop long-term relationships with clients by

making the client’s job easier while making a fair profit. 

This is accomplished simply by delivering what we promise

when we promise.

Purpose:  Our core values determine who we are and shall not be compromised.  They shall guide our every action with one another, in our company, with our clients and trade partners.  With these essential and enduring principles, we will set ourselves apart with our unique approach towards doing business.


Integrity:   How we operate our business is as important as what we accomplish.  We conduct business in an open and direct manner.  We stand behind our actions and follow through on our commitments.


Respect:  We believe in treating people as we would like to be treated and will earn respect through quality and performance.


Teamwork:    We embrace a collaborative “one-team” attitude and focus with our peers, clients and trade partners.  Like all successful teams, we value clear communication, attention to fundamentals, professionalism, continuing education and training.


Relentless Pursuit of Improvement:  With a disciplined and determined work ethic, we constantly strive for improvement in our company and ourselves.  We will be better tomorrow than we are today.


Focus on Results:  With our experience and knowledge, we keep our focus on accomplishing project objectives and delivering what we promise, when we promise.



JJO is committed to being a trendsetter within the      construction industry and is an active member of the Jack Miller Network where industry leaders meet to share ideas and implement change.  To learn more about  Jack Miller and his network click here.